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Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island ~ A Different Kind Of Experience

By Amirul Iskandar Mannan (Temenggor Man)


Discover the most amazing holiday adventure at our eco island lake lodge located in the heart of Temenggor Lake Malaysia! Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island or TTDI offers the unique opportunity for visitors to experience nature in all its glory. The packages on offer will ensure that each and every visitor will have a memory to bring home.

Starting from the first day as you arrive at the jetty of the Temenggor Lake you will immediately realize the beauty of this place. You will discover new things as you experience new things for the first time such as swimming in a 60 feet deep lake, canoeing, jungle trekking, water falls, bird watching, fishing, see the rafflesia and participate in the daily lives of the aborigines that live in Temenggor Lake. We can guarantee that not only will you learn more about nature but more importantly you will discover yourself.

Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island (TTDI) is one of hundred islands located in Temenggor Lake Malaysia.  Located in Gerik and covering 15,200 hectares, Temenggor Lake is the largest man-made lake in Perak. The tranquil beauty surrounding the lake is complemented by the diversity of its flora and fauna. It is near to the world famous Royal Belum National Park.

TTDI at Temenggor Lake Malaysia won the Best Eco-Resort Award by the Perak State Government in 2007 for enhancing ecotourism in Malaysia. It was also featured in MPH Heritage Asia November 2008 issue as the ideal holiday destination for those seeking a unique experience. It is a unique island with fantastic facilities such as A-Hut chalets that were built without cutting down a single tree! The chalets were built to accommodate the environment. You can also experience staying on the house boat. Apart from that the TTDI also features a functions room and a lake view restaurant where you can enjoy your meals amidst the scenic view surrounding the island.

TTDI offers a wide range of activities for everybody who wants to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Being an island in the heart of Temenggor Lake will ensure that you are totally cut off. It is the perfect get away vacation. Visitors to TTDI can take up the 3 Days 2 Nights Ultimate package whereby they can experience various activities which are available around Temenggor Lake. Try swimming in the 60 feet deep lake or go canoeing around the island. The water activities alone will rejuvenate you.

The first day of your trip will include a boat cruise from the jetty to TTDI, our island lake lodge. Upon check in we will than enjoy lunch. After a bit of R&R, we will proceed to Pulau Talikail for a hiking trip up to the lookout tower which is about 4000 meters above sea level. From there you will be able to see the whole of Temenggor Lake. The view itself is priceless. It is about a 45 minutes hike up.

The second day of the package will be filled with a cooling trip to the waterfalls at Pulau Tujuh. The icy cool water and the majestic view of the water falls will make the hiking journey up worthwhile. After that you will visit the aborigine’s village at Kg Chuweh where you get to see first hand how they live. These people survive from the lake. There are more than 40 different aboriginal villages across Temenggor Lake. You could also try out their blow pipes. The journey continues to Pulau Besar where we will trek up to try and catch the Rafflesia flower blooming. Temenggor Lake is the only location in West Malaysia for you to catch a glimpse of this magnificent flower. Not many have seen the world’s largest flower bloom. You just might be the lucky ones.

Apart from the activities, Temenggor Lake has a rich variety of freshwater fish including Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Baung and even the renowned Kelah, providing ample challenge to fishing. This makes Temenggor Lake a very attractive and 'must go' fishing destination for beginner as well as die hard anglers to pit their skill.

Temenggor Lake is truly heaven on earth. If you would like to experience nature and a different kind of adventure please visit to book your 3 Days 2 Nights ultimate experience.

Amirul is the owner of . He has been promoting TTDI, Temenggor Lake packages since 2007. He and his family have visited Temenggor Lake more than 12 times in the past three years. Check out what other people have to say about TTDI at .


Amirul together with his wife Elin are also the authors of the best seller ‘Passion2Income~ We Turn Our Passion Into Income’. You can check out their work at .



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